The Father/Son Retreat was an incredible weekend of bonding with my 14-year-old son, Michael.  A well-orchestrated mix of group activities, one-on-one father / son projects, and insightful teaching and discussion – all far removed from the distractions of our busy lives – created an environment for discovery and relationship building that both father and son silently crave but so seldom experience in our culture. The value we received far out-shadowed any investment we could have made.”
J Ormeman
President, CEO

"The positive effect on my family was more than I ever expected. The program has made me feel more confident in the decisions I make as a father."
R Jones
2007 Retreat Attendee (Father)

"An experience that will last for years to come. Fathers and sons will enjoy their time together."
J Jones
2007 Retreat Attendee (Son)

  The Journey Towards Manhood

To help fathers and sons develop a deeper relationship as the sons are beginning their journey towards manhood. They will explore the seven areas of their lives: working, playing, studying and the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual components of manhood.

There are several reasons this experience is important to fathers and their sons. The first is the failure of our society to initiate our boys into manhood. Throughout history this has been an important right of passage in almost every society. Age nor graduation do not infer manhood, rather character and experience.

Father & Son Retreats

As a father you’ve made a commitment to yourself to do everything you can to help your son become the kind of man he’s capable of becoming. This weekend is an opportunity to retreat from day to day responsibilities and focus on that goal.

The weekend includes:

  • Group activities 
  • One on one time 
  • Professional facilitators 
  • Outdoor activities 
  • Interaction with other men and their sons 
  • Projects Sharing 
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These and other questions will be explored during the weekend!

What does it take to be a man?

What are the important things in you son’s life?

How are your son’s strengths different from yours?

How are you encouraging your son to become the man he wants to be?

How are you building trusting your relationship?

How good of a listener are you?

What is “false masculinity”?

What’s the most difficult part of being a father?

What type of man do you want your son to be?

Our society does not provide a clear rite of passage for boys. Marriage, graduation, enlist in the military or work are specific events that mark a young man's transition into adult manhood. The modern American society has nothing like this for the boy to man evolution. Often they have to find their own way through an arduous, confusing passage to manhood. 

Often peer pressure and today’s media give our sons a distorted picture of manhood. They are often lead to believe that the use of alcohol, sexual promiscuity and thrill seeking is what makes a man. They need to know what you think.

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